Small businesses (number)

Measure Baseline (2015) Current Target (2025) Trend Michigan Chart
Small businesses (number) 3,206 2,978 3,206

About this measure

This measures the total number of small businesses in Battle Creek. Small businesses here are defined as establishments with fewer than 100 employees. Small business data for Battle Creek includes the following zip codes: 49014, 49015, 49016, 49017, and 49037. Zip code 49037 includes the city of Springfield. Because of changing legal structures that may result in double-counting of businesses, the possibility of closures or mergers during the data collection process, and potential errors resulting from self-report data, we apply a 20 percent deduction to the InfoUSA numbers.

Resources for this measure

Here are a variety of resources to help community members learn more about our small businesses:

About the data

Definition: The absolute number of small businesses in Battle Creek.
Numerator: Number of establishments with fewer than 100 employees.
Source: InfoUSA.
Frequency: Annual.
Baseline: 3,206
Target: 3,206
Rationale: The number of small businesses has declined over the last five years; achieving this target would return Battle Creek to the baseline number small businesses in 2015.
Source: InfoUSA.