Disposable income

Measure Baseline (2015) Current Target (2025) Trend Michigan Chart
Disposable income $62,652 $62,573 $70,299

About this measure

Disposable income is the amount of money left over after having paid federal, state and local taxes. This data is not provided for small geographies, so we approximate it by looking at the amount of income left over after paying for housing costs, which represent the single largest household expense. This data is available through the individual microdata from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey made available through IPUMS USA. Data is available for the Calhoun and Barry County Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA).

About the data

Definition: Total household income minus gross housing costs (contract rent or mortgage payments plus utilities).
Frequency: Annual.
Baseline: $62,652
Source: IPUMS USA, University of Minnesota (American Community Survey, 5-year samples)